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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Mailbag: Brett Harper Lite, injury-prone prospects, and more...
Along with the scouting reports, I've also fallen behind with mailbags. So, here's my first mailbag in a few weeks. I'll get it started with a question from Chad from Long Beach, CA:
What are your thoughts on Mets' prospect Mike Carp?
The Mets drafted Mike Carp out of high school in the ninth round 2004 draft. Following a solid 2004 campaign, Carp started the 2005 season playing for low Class A Hagerstown in the Sally League, where he started the season with a bang, hitting something like 10 home runs in 25 games. The Sally League pitchers quickly figured him out and he fell into a bad slump up until August, when he injured his wrist and missed the rest of the season. He's only 19 years old and has already shown power. Carp has a lot of adjustments to make. At this point, he's Brett Harper Lite in a system that already has Brett Harper. He's got a long way to go and a lot to prove.

Next question. theoneandonly asks:
What do you think will happen to Stephen Drew and Justin Upton when they are both ready? Will one of them get traded or will one of them switch positions?
It was pretty much assumed that, with Stephen Drew already ahead of him, Justin Upton would be moving from shortstop to the outfield, where his speed and arm are a better fit anyway. Upton's hurt right now (it's nothing serious) and will be missing another week or so. When he comes back, he will be playing in the outfield.

Moving on. Sam from the Bay Area asks:
What's your opinion of the Nationals' Justin Maxwell? This kid seems to be incredible gifted and smart, and have all the tools in the world, but he just can't stay healthy.
Smart's an understatement. Justin Maxwell could have went to Harvard but opted with Maryland instead. Best of all, he's just as good a ballplayer as he is smart. The latter end of Maxwell's collegiate career was riddled with injuries. The talent and potential is all there for Maxwell. If he can stay healthy, he can leapfrog to the forefront of the Nationals' weak system.

From one injury-plagued prospect to another, Justin from Kansas City asks:
Will Matt Campbell be a major league pitcher anytime soon?
That depends on what your definition of soon is. He's now 24 years old and he's not going to be getting any younger. The real question is what shape is his shoulder in? Will it hold up? Will he still have the same stuff that he did back at South Carolina? If Campbell returns to his college form, I'd say that we'll see him in the bigs sometime soon. If not, Campbell's always got hope as a left-handed specialist.

The last question is from Zach from Akron, Ohio:
Ryan Garko: Indians' future starting first baseman?
Ryan Garko's stuck behind a logjam right now. His defensive inadequacies limit him to first base or designated hitter, where the Indians already have Ben Broussard, Travis Hafner, and, likely at some point in the future, Victor Martinez. I don't know if Garko will be the Indians' future starting first baseman, but, with his bat, he will be someone's starting something, that's for sure. Garko's a lot like Josh Phelps, as they are both bats without a position.

That does it for this week's mailbag. If you have a question you'd like answered on next week's mailbag, use the link on the bottom right of the page to e-mail me and I'll do my best to get your question answered.

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