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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
More Justin Upton? You bet!
Here's an interesting read from The Arizona Republic's Bob McManaman about Justin Upton's progress this spring: No end to Upton's upside.

Just some excerpts:
Justin Upton knew his time in the Diamondbacks' major league camp would be short-lived. It would be a matter of time before the young shortstop was reassigned to the minor league side to begin his development as a pro.
I should have mentioned that he was reassigned to the Diamondbacks' minor league camp -- it slipped my mind.
Just how long that development takes is up for debate. It could be a few years. It could be a lot less.

Sure, it could be a few years. It could be tomorrow... It could be never... Could's a weak word. It should be a year.
When shortstops Upton and Stephen Drew, Arizona's first-round pick in 2004, are deemed major league ready, the Diamondbacks will have a difficult decision to make.
"Hey Justin, you see that out there? That's centerfield."
Will one of the youngsters be traded for some top-notch pitching help?
Bob, Bob, Bob. Short answer: No. Besides, if they are really that desperate for pitching, Upton has been clocked at 94 MPH...
"I'll handle it. I'll be ready," Upton said,sounding like a grizzled major league veteran.
You better. You've got $6.1 million reasons to handle it.

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