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Monday, March 27, 2006
It's time: BoT's Top 30 Prospects and Systems
Minor League Crasher rule number 1: You can NEVER have too many top prospect lists!

Top 30 Prospects
1. Delmon Young, OF, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2. Justin Upton, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks
3. Alex Gordon, 3B, Kansas City Royals
4. Stephen Drew, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks
5. Jeremy Hermida, OF, Florida Marlins
6. Ian Stewart, 3B, Colorado Rockies
7. Francisco Liriano, LHP, Minnesota Twins
8. Prince Fielder, 1B, Milwaukee Brewers
9. Lastings Milledge, OF, New York Mets
10. Justin Verlander, RHP, Detroit Tigers
11. Chad Billingsley, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers
12. Brandon Wood, SS, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
13. Howie Kendrick, 2B, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
14. Andy Marte, 3B, Cleveland Indians
15. Matt Cain, RHP, San Francisco Giants
16. Jeff Clement, C, Seattle Mariners
17. Conor Jackson, 1B, Arizona Diamondbacks
18. Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, Washington Nationals
19. Nick Markakis, OF, Baltimore Orioles
20. Mike Pelfrey, RHP, New York Mets
21. Chris Young, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks
22. Philip Hughes, RHP, New York Yankees
23. Jon Lester, LHP, Boston Red Sox
24. Carlos Quentin, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks
25. Daric Barton, 1B, Oakland Athletics
26. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C, Atlanta Braves
27. Cameron Maybin, OF, Detroit Tigers
28. Joel Guzman, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers
29. Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Colorado Rockies
30. Billy Butler, ??? (DH, I guess...), Kansas City Royals

Honorable Mentions (In order):
Jonathan Papelbon, RHP, Boston Red Sox
Andy LaRoche, 3B, Los Angeles Dodgers
Hanley Ramirez, SS, Florida Marlins
Felix Pie, OF, Chicago Cubs
Carlos Gonzales, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks
Scott Olsen, LHP, Florida Marlins
Adam Loewen, LHP, Baltimore Orioles
Homer Bailey, RHP, Cincinnati Reds
Joel Zumaya, RHP, Detroit Tigers
Anibal Sanchez, RHP, Florida Marlins
Anthony Reyes, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals
Neil Walker, C, Pittsburgh Pirates
Russ Martin, C, Los Angeles Dodgers
Ryan Braun, 3B, Milwaukee Brewers
Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates
Edison Volquez, RHP, Texas Rangers
Mark Rogers, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers
Adam Miller, RHP, Cleveland Indians
Dustin McGowan, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays
Erick Aybar, SS, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Top 30 Systems
1. Arizona Diamondbacks
2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
3. Los Angeles Dodgers
4. Florida Marlins
5. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
6. Minnesota Twins
7. Colorado Rockies
8. Milwaukee Brewers
9. Detroit Tigers
10. Atlanta Braves
11. Boston Red Sox
12. Cleveland Indians
13. Baltimore Orioles
14. Texas Rangers
15. San Francisco Giants
16. New York Yankees
17. Chicago Cubs
18. Kansas City Royals
19. Pittsburgh Pirates
20. Philadelphia Phillies
21. St. Louis Cardinals
22. Oakland Athletics
23. Toronto Blue Jays
24. Seattle Mariners
25. New York Mets
26. Chicago White Sox
27. Houston Astros
28. Washington Nationals
29. San Diego Padres
30. Cincinnati Reds

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